Disclaimers, etc..

 In my academic discipline, there's been a lot of talk on social media recently about the responsibility of academics to cite prior work in the same area, especially when it is by people in minorities, or women. However, this is a blog, not a journal article or book, and if I had to chase up the details of everyone (or even, anyone) who has had previous thoughts on the same topics as me, I would never get anything written (plus, you know, I'd rather be reading fiction..). If readers send me links to relevant pieces, I'm happy to post them, of course. And if you want a follow up reading list for any of the posts, I can usually point you towards a relevant bibliography, either in one of my articles or someone else's.

I'm also happy to receive comments which disagree completely with my views, and I'm even a member of the Heterodox Academy to prove it (check out the link!). I take it that the tone and content of any given comment is the moral responsibility of the commentator, and not mine for hosting it, so won't be moderating, except in highly unusual (and, I take it, given the blog's rather innocuous content, wildly unlikely) circumstances.